September 12, 2017 – X Day

Schoo Middle School
Daily Student Announcements
Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Today is an ‘X’ Day

• The Schoo Store will be opening soon. Listen to announcements to learn about our exchange rate for Schoo Tickets.

• Cooking Club will start tomorrow (Sept. 13th). All who wish to be a part of the club MUST show up to the first meeting to sign up for two quarters to participate. Students who sign up may only be involved in the quarters they sign up for, and cannot join afterward. Remember to bring your Chromebooks!

• SLAM Poetry will meet after school tomorrow (Sept. 13th) in room 333.

• The first meeting of Lego Club will meet Thursday (Sept. 14th) after school in room 222.

• Student Peace will meet Thursday (Sept. 14th) from 3 to 4 in the multipurpose room. We will be delivering bags to the Fallbrook neighborhood for the Food Drive, so wear your walking shoes! Everyone is welcome! Sign up using the jump code BOB8 on the Schoo website! See Mrs. Dady or Ms. Joel if you have questions.

• Please stop in and pick up a First Friend application from Mrs. Baxter or Mrs. Schuster-Graff if you are interested in being a First Friend. The deadline is Sept. 29th.

• Collect your Box Tops! It’s challenge time! Help the Schoo Store earn money for products with Box Tops. For every 10 Box Tops you turn in to one of your teachers you will receive one Schoo ticket that can be combined with other Schoo tickets to receive a Schoo Buck. The challenge runs through Sept. 22nd.

• Attention Class of 2022: The Career Academy (TCA) is hosting a Career Explorations Fair for 8th to 10th graders from 1 to 3 p.m. on Sept. 24th at 88th & O Street. Students and their parents can learn more about top career options when you graduate high school. Experience the hands-on learning available at TCA and how to “test drive” your future as a TCA student in one of 20 career pathways. Please see Mrs. Schuster-Graff for details.

• If you are interested in reading the morning announcements, please see Mrs. Taurins in the Schoo office.