November 1, 2019 – X Day

Schoo Middle School Daily Announcements

  • Join Student Peace on Monday (Nov. 4th) from 3 to 4 p.m. as they walk around Fallbrook to collect donated items. You may still bring in donations of non-perishable food items for WE Scare Hunger now through Nov. 4th. Take items to your 4th period class. The 4th period that brings in the most items will win a class reward while helping feed members of our community.
  • It’s Spirit Week! Today is Decade Day! Thanks to everyone who participated this week!
  • Remember that the ‘Skill of the Week’ is ‘Making a New Friend.’ Your 1st period teacher will be watching and keeping track of students who demonstrate the skill of the week as well as general kindness towards others. Let’s reach 100!
  • It’s National Family Literacy Day! This day focuses on special activities and events that showcase the importance of family literacy programs. Get together with your family and read a book together.