November 11, 2019 – X Day

Schoo Middle School Daily Announcements

  • WE DID IT! We met our weekly kindness goal of over 100 acts of kindness last week! This means we get to listen to music today at lunch. Way to go! This week’s ‘Skill of the week’ is ‘Following Instructions:’ 1. Look at the person; 2. Say “Okay”; 3. Do what you’ve been asked right away; 4. Check back. Remember your 1st period teacher will be watching you in class and making tallies for students who are demonstrating the Skill of the Week as well as general kindness towards others. Let’s reach 100 by Friday! Shout out to Mrs. Peterson’s 1st period French class for having over 100 acts of kindness in their class alone!
  • Students, if you’re not feeling well, please go to the health office instead of calling or texting your parents from your phone. The health office can help you call home. Do not call from the main office or from the classroom.
  • We’ve drawn the prize winners from all the submitted Schoo tickets! The following three winners will receive a free Blizzard from DQ, and a pass to Urban Air! The winner in 6th grade is Zalola Isokova, submitted by Mr. Schwaninger. The 7th grade winner is Breanne Cole, submitted by Mrs. Jurgens! And the winner in 8th grade is Noah Julifs submitted by Mrs. Peterson. The teachers who submitted the names were also awarded gift cards (Super Saver, Toast, and Scooters).
  • Student Peace is hosting grade level dances (Fall Balls) next week. The 6th grade dance is Wednesday, Nov. 20th; the 7th grade dance is Thursday, Nov. 21st, and the 8th grade dance is Friday, Nov. 22nd. Tickets will be $1, pizza and pop are $1 each!
  • It’s Veterans Day, which honors military veterans who served in the United States Armed Forces. The federal holiday coincides with Armistice Day and Remembrance Day which marks the end of World War I.