September 23, 2020 – X Day

Schoo Middle School Daily Announcements

  • The September Skill of the Month is ‘Being Respectful.’ Another way to be respectful is with our words, especially if there is a disagreement. Here are some ways to keep disagreements helpful and not hurtful. 1. Don’t make it personal. Remember to focus on the idea. 2. No put-downs. Use statements like, “I disagree.” 3. Use “I” statements that explain how you feel or what you need. 4. LISTEN to the other point of view and try to understand. 5. Stay calm. Agree to Disagree. Remember the quote: “The aim of an argument is not victory, but progress.
  • Attention students! Our 8th grade FCS students made some outstanding cakes in class last week and we need your help to judge the best overcall cake. Please enter jump code P8YH to vote on your favorite cake. The deadline is Friday.
  • Please remember to bring a water bottle to school every day!
  • Vote to name Schoo’s Skyhawk mascot! Use the jump code, PBY2! The deadline is September 30th. Please only vote once.