March 9th, 2023 – Y Day

Schoo Middle School Daily Announcements

Today is a “Y” Day

• If you are a 7th or 8th grader and would like to participate in Track and Field, please go to Jump Code BZB1 (the number 1) and sign up by March 10th, before Spring Break. Our first practice will be held on Wednesday March 22nd. More details to come! Please get signed up! See Coach Joel if you have questions.
• Mr. Nicolaus’s club will meet today and tomorrow after school from 3-4 in the Big Gym. Members only please.

• Friday the 10th is the LAST DAY to bring in money for PENNY WARS! Remember: pennies, ones, fives, and tens earn POSITIVE points. If you want to sabotage another grade, bring in your quarters, dimes, and nickels.

• Chess Club meets today from 3-4 PM in room 224.

• Native Togetherness club meets today from 3-4 PM in room 360.

• Yearbook meets today from 3-4 PM in room 430.

• Student Council meets today from 3-4 PM in room 342.

• Are you a current 8th grader who enjoys working with younger students? Bright Lights Summer Adventures is looking for camp assistants to help with their hands-on learning activities. Interested students can apply at