Schoo Grading Practices

Below is an explanation of comments that may be used by teachers when grading along with how or why they may be used.

Create formative/summative assignments/assessments in Synergy with a projected due date:

  1. Assignments are placed in Synergy on the date they are assigned
  2. Scores will be left blank until graded

Use the comment “Excused” (EX):

  1. On assignment/assessment that does not need to be made up (no impact on grade)
  2. Examples – one-time opportunities, speakers, movie clip
  3. Extended illness

Use the comment “Missing” (M):

  1. After the due date and collecting assignment/assessment, teachers would enter “M” within 24 hours if the assignment/assessment still hasn’t been turned in
  2. Assignment/assessment turned in after the due date – the “M” will be removed and an “L” will be added to indicate that the assignment/assessment was turned in, but late (unless absent on due date)
  3. If you have a defined cut-off date when the assignment/assessment is no longer accepted for passing credit, the “M” will be removed, and a 50% and an “L” will be added

Use the comment “Incomplete” (INC):

  1. Used when the assignment/assessment not done to satisfaction of the teacher to demonstrate mastery
  2. The student may continue to revise this work
  3. Once revised, remove “INC” (optional – remove revision public notes)

Use the comment “Retaught” (R):

  1. If a teacher chooses to record a new score to replace a previous score from an assignment/assessment after re-teaching or re-assessing (mainly individual)

Use the comment “Late” (L):

  1. Put in with assignment/assessment to show that something was turned in late

Comment Type

Synergy Code

Score Given