SCIP – School Community Intervention Program

SCIP (School Community Intervention Program) assists students experiencing difficulty in school which may be caused by high risk behaviors interfering with their ability to learn.    Students may be referred to SCIP by teachers, administrators, friends, parents, or by self.  Referral to SCIP may – but does not always – indicate a problem with alcohol and/or other drug, or that mental health issues exist.

Students who exhibit high risk behaviors can be referred for assistance to a counselor, community agency or a faculty member who can offer assistance.

To assist in assessing the situation, and to help the student in achieving his/her academic potential, families may be offered the opportunity to obtain an evaluation/screening at no charge with a community agency.  If you have questions about SCIP, please contact Kelsey Dady at 436-1222.

Nebraska School Community Intervention Program

Contains monthly newsletters for parents.

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